Mountain Bike

(Ages 13-16)

LIT interested in working with the mountain bike camp must have a proficient level of Mountain Bike skill and have their own Mountain Bike (rentals available at a discounted rate).  They will be on bike for 2 out of the 5 days of the training camp and will be placed with a mountain bike group for the week of placement. They would require a bike for 5 full days of their volunteer week.

Outdoor Adventure Camp    

(Ages 12-16)

LIT interested in the Outdoor Adventure Camp must be eager to be outdoors, be prepared to hike, and play.  We are an all weather camp and aren't afraid of a little rain.  There is no mountain biking for this segment. 

The LIT camp may be transported off site for team building activities.  More information will be provided in June of 2024.  No additional costs would be charged. 

Camp Hardwood is an active outdoor camp. Please ensure this camp is appropriate for your child.  Games such as Tag, Manhunt, and other fast paced activities are included.  Campers will be outside almost 100% of the day and should be prepared and comfortable with this environment.  

Camp Hardwood has a zero tolerance for verbal or physical aggression. Campers will be required to leave camp if they are not able to follow camp policies and programming.  

Camp Hardwood is an inclusive camp.  Should your child need support, Hardwood Ski and Bike will accommodate support provided by the family or outside services but within the scope of the camp programming.  Hardwood Ski and Bike does not provide support directly. 

Please review our refund policy HERE

Should your child require any medication, please fill out the following form completely prior to camp arrival. 

Medication Form HERE

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